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Online Marketing Expert

Success with Digital

Career Highlights

Growth Marketing

I can create and manage sustainable growth plans for e-commerce, user acquisition and lead generation.

Digital Media Buying

Paid search and paid social are my strong suit, though I am also experienced in most other forms of paid media.

Lifecycle Marketing

My expertise in email and direct mail allow me to nurture users through their entire customer journey .

Business Analytics

Going beyond reporting, I focus on the business impact and the why as much as the what .

Profile highlights

1. Marketing since 2004

Over the last 16 years I have built and successfully scaled ($2 MN+ annual budgets) integrated online marketing programs for high growth finance, technology and e-commerce organisations.

2. Technical acumen

My approach of hands on learning gives me firsthand technical expertise in many areas of digital marketing. This helps accelerate timelines and see results sooner.

3. Entrepreneurial spirit

My willingness to question status quo and take calculated risks has been a cornerstone of my success. I am often praised for rolling up my sleeves and getting things done.

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